Fitness Trainer's Favorite Cheat Meals

June 15, 2015 Bulu Box

The 80/20 lifestyle means letting yourself live a little when it comes to dieting, working out, or life in general! It's important to make sure you're always good to yourself, even if that means a cheat meal every now and then. Here are a few of our favorite fitness trainer's cheat meals.

Rena Valentino 
Personal Trainer | Studio Manager | Master Instructor at PowerCycle Studio

"If I'm feeling like I really want a "meal of substance," then I usually am craving a Leadbelly veggie burger with their house fries and loaded Bloody Mary to go with it! ;) That's my "cheat" meal...although, I don't call it a cheat meal, it's just something I treat myself to infrequently enough that's it's not routinely in my diet."

Austin P.
Head Trainer | Co-Owner of Fit-Club 
"I am from a very modern Mennonite community that is proud of its traditional eats. This means it is a very German community and a popular dish is Veranika. Veranika is the name of a salty, heavy, cottage cheese pocket, wrapped in a dough, and smothered in ham gravy. It does not look appetizing at all. It does not have crazy flavors or hidden after tastes. It is a hardy and filling dish. You can eat them boiled or fried. I have no preference when I eat them because I usually will knock down about ten."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 
Actor  | Fitness Icon
The Rock is infamous for his legendary cheat day meal. This is what he eats over the course of just 1 day when he finally has his cheat meal: 12 Pancakes, 4 double dough pizzas, and 21 brownies.

Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach
We love Ron's answer. It's so straight forward and so delicious!
"My favorite cheat meal is eating a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!”

Personal Trainer 
We're inspired by William's sweet-tooth!
"1/2-gallon to full gallon of whole milk, pint to 1/2-gallon ice cream of flavor craved that day, and a box of regular Oreos. This is usually consumed in two or three sittings that day."


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