25 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Resculpting and Toning Your Body

March 27, 2015 Bulu Box


No gym? No problem! These bodyweight exercises are simple and effective at improving strength while also toning your body. Do these 25 moves to tone-up almost every muscle in your body. Give 'em a try!

1. Mountain Climbers
Don't head for the hills, just drop to the floor for this ab busting exercise. Start with your hands shoulder width apart in a plank position. Bring one knee to your chest then do a running motion while flexing your core.


2. Tricep PushUps
Set up in a push-up position but place your hand in line with your shoulders. On your descent send your elbows straight back instead of flared out like normal push-ups. Keep your back straight and return to start. You'll feel the burn!


3. Squat Jumps

Build that booty with this ultra-active move. Start standing with feet just past shoulder width apart. Squat down and at the bottom of your squat push hard through your heels and leap off the ground! As if squats couldn't get any harder!


4. Superman / Banana

Don't let the silly name fool you. This move will have you grunting each rep. Start laying flat on the floor with your arms extended. Lift your feet and arms off the ground in a superman position. Then begin rolling to one side. Change the curve in your body as you roll over to maintain the same angels as superman except on your back. Keep rolling back and forth each rep.


5. Plank

There's nothing like a good old plank. Set up on the ground with your arms at a 90-degree bend and hands flat on the floor. Keep your back, head and butt all in a line while you tighten your core and butt. Hold this for 30 seconds, a minute... or maybe even 10 minutes? Challenge yourself.


6. Lunge

Start with your hands on your hips and feet shoulder width apart. Leap forward with one leg and drop down until your back knee is just off the ground. Fire up through the heel back to standing.


7. Kickbacks 

Do some booty work with this exercise. Get down on all fours and extend one leg behind you as you flex your glutes at the top of each rep. Alternate for a total burn.


8. Bridge

Lay flat on the ground and bring your feet up towards your butt. Keep your feet hip-width apart and lift up your spine and hips. Only your head, feet, arms and shoulders should be touching the ground.


9. Spinal balance

Come into a table top position on hands and feet. Extend one arm and alternate leg off the ground at the same time. Flex your core and glutes at the top of each rep.


10. Flutter kicks

Want abs of steel? Start with these flutter kicks. Lay flat on the ground and lift one leg high into the air while straightening the other to be a few inches off the ground. Hold and alternate legs.


11. Burpees

Try to avoid the painful flashbacks to high school gym class while doing your burpees. Burpees are often avoided at all cost, but you should embrace this exercise! Burpees work almost every muscle you have and are a truly complete exercise.


12. V-Ups

Start laying flat on the ground with your arms above your head. Bring your arms and head up as you also bring your legs up to form a V with your body.


13. Ins-and-outs

Start sitting with your legs stretched out in front while leaning back at a 45° angle using your hands to balance. Bring your legs in toward your chest while bringing your chest up into your legs. Stretch back to start and rep it out!


14. Frog Press

This ultra-tough ab builder is the same set up as an in-and-out but without using your hands to balance.


15. Push up and Rotate

Start in your traditional push-up position. As you ascend stop at the top and bring one arm off the ground and raise it to reach up towards the ceiling opening your chest. Flex your core and come back down to your starting position. Alternate arms each rep.


16. Cork Screw

No wine involved with these corkscrews (that comes after the workout). Lay flat on the ground with your legs straight up in the air. Slowly lower them to one side stopping half a foot off the ground and return to center.


17. Twisting Side Plank

Set up in your side plank balancing on one arm keeping you spine in a straight line. Hold then twist bringing your elbow through your body before returning to your start position.


18. Reverse Crunch

Start laying flat on your back with your feet straight up in the air and arms out to balance. Lift your hips off the ground and send your feet towards the ceiling while flexing your core.


19. Diamond Push Ups

Not quite the diamonds we were hoping for but they do build strong shoulders and triceps. It's just like a normal push-up except with your hands set up in a diamond position. An easy way to set up is to have your index fingers and thumbs touching to form your diamond.


20. Calf Raises

Sexy calves? Yes, please. Stand shoulder width apart and raise off the ground onto the balls of your feet. Bonus points if you can do these on a ledge or stair where you're able to lower your heels past the front of your feet on your descent.


21. Tricep Dips

Set up like you're about to do a crab walk with your hands beneath your shoulders and but off the ground. Lower yourself using your arms while keeping your butt off the ground. Try doing these on a bench or ledge for an even deeper rep.


22. Booty Work Push Up

The perfect combination of a push-up and a kick back. Work your chest and booty by lifting one leg into the air and flexing your glutes as you lower yourself to the ground on your push-up. 


23. Pike Push Up

Set up with your hands shoulder width apart. Bring your butt up into the air and stay on your toes. Lower yourself towards the ground and feel that shoulder burn!


24. Single Leg Deadlift

Keeping your weight on one leg, lift the other into the air keeping your back and head in line. Flex your glutes at the top and bring your leg back in. Do a few reps each leg before switching.


25. Plyo Push-Ups
Set up in a normal push-up position. Lower yourself and as you ascend push hard and leap you body off the ground. Add in claps as you see fit.

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