7 Tips For Easy Allergy Relief

March 24, 2015 Bulu Box

Allergy Prevention | Bulu Box

The weather's nice and you can finally step outside from the cold winter. Only one problem, allergies. Don't let allergies bog you down this spring and summer, Bulugans! Here are 7 tips to help decrease allergy symptoms or maybe even make them disappear! 

Pollen is the most common season-related allergen, and even dust and mold can keep us indoors any time of the year. When allergies strike, you may experience sneezing, itching, congestion and/or fatigue! Luckily, there's a way to battle allergies.

Shower Up
Showering before hitting the sack will help to rinse off any allergens that make be stuck to on your hair and skin. Don't neglect your clothes and sheets! Just like your skin and hair - allergens can hide on your clothes and sheets so make sure to wash them often as well.

Shade Those Eyes
We all know it's a smart idea to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also keep dust and pollen out of your eyes which can cause itching and irritation. Wearing your shades is a lot easier than constantly putting in eye drops.

Protect your eyes from pollen | Bulu Box

Keep Your Lawn Tidy
Trimming the grass on your lawn is not just for looks, it'll also help to keep these pesky allergies away. Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in the pollen, and make sure to take your clothes off after you landscape because pollen likes to stick to fabric.

The Right Diet
Eating the right foods can help ward off allergies. Adding foods like yogurt, nuts and fish can help because of the nutrients found in those foods. Yogurt is good for providing your body with probiotics which have been linked to helping allergy symptoms, Omega-3s, found is fish and nuts, are also great allergy fighters!

Vitamin C
Doubling your dosage of Vitamin C can be very beneficial when fighting allergies because it boosts your immune system and acts as a natural anti-histamine, helping to quell allergy symptoms. 

Close The Windows
Keep your windows shut and rely on your air-conditioning to keep you cool and keep the pollen out. Avoid using a fan as well because it can blow around dust and pet hair.

Supplements like Allergease can help promote a healthy immune response, especially in high irritant environments. Allergease is a proprietary blend of herbal extracts that have been used for centuries to support immune response and provide you with a daily dose of vitamin C to act as a natural anti-histamine. 

Allergease | Bulu Box

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