These Nutrients Are Crucial For Women – ft. Cal-Ez

January 13, 2017 Bulu Box Staff



Did you know there are key nutrients that women often need more of than men to ensure optimal health? Here is a quick list of nutrients you might be missing out on.

Folic Acid
Green organic vegetables

Your body utilizes Folic acid or “folate” to make healthy new cells. Folic acid is a B vitamin and can actually be very important for women before and during pregnancy for preventing major birth defects. We need around 400 to 800 mcg (micrograms) of folic acid per day, even if you’re not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon. 

Folate-rich foods include grapes, bananas, asparagus, and lentils!


Did you know women reach their peak bone density faster than men? We begin seeing a decline in bone density as early as our late 20’s. This along with other biological factors makes women more susceptible to osteoporosis than men, especially after age 50. A healthy intake of calcium is important for preserving bone strength and density. 

If you’re looking for more calcium in your day, a recent Bulu Box feature may be perfect for you. Cal-Ez delivers 1,000 mg of elemental calcium in a fast absorbing, flavorless powder that goes perfectly with your morning coffee, smoothie, yogurt or just mixed with water. Cal-Ez is our new favorite for ensuring that we take in enough calcium each day. 

Spinach leaves

It’s common for women to be missing out on the necessary amount of calcium and iron that our bodies need. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause are also times that demand increases for these nutrients so it’s no surprise that Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in women. Iron deficiency has a lot of nasty effects and can lead to anemia.

Good sources of iron include leafy green vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish and legumes. 

Vitamin E

Did you know that Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and protects cells from damage and helps boost your immune system to fight off sickness. Vitamin E is also great for keeping blood from clotting by helping to widen blood vessels. This is one powerful vitamin!

Vitamin E is found in dark leafy greens, nuts (especially almonds!), avocados and fish! 

Vitamin D

Calcium isn’t the only thing your body needs to maintain strong bones. Vitamin D actually helps your body absorb calcium to support your bones! Plus, vitamin D also plays a big role in maintaining your immune system and may even play a role in your brain health and mood! During the winter months, you may be low on vitamin D from the sun. 

The winter month’s make it harder on the average woman to get your daily dose of vitamin D since we have much less exposure to the sun. This is actually the other reason we are so pumped to be sampling Cal-Ez in Bulu Box! They’re a 1-2 punch of Calcium and Vitamin D to help ensure proper absorption of calcium and support immune health through short winter days. 

A balanced diet is great for getting your daily nutrients but it’s important to focus on certain food groups to ensure you’re giving your body the proper nutrition it needs, which can be tough. When eating a perfect diet is a little tough look at supplementing your nutritional needs. 


 On the go CalEZ packets provide a quick single serving of your daily dose of  calcium and vitamin D in a fast absorbing powder.

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