What Makes A Complete Multi Vitamin?

August 9, 2016 Bulu Box Staff



Have you ever found yourself staring at your vitamin options and wondered what’s right for you? There are so many varieties, benefits and formulas it can be hard to know what’s best.

In a recent month, many of our subscribers received the Vital 4U® Vitamin, which we think is one of the most comprehensive premium vitamin packs out there. All of the work has been done for you in this vitamin pack that’s conveniently packaged and ready to take with you wherever you go. We’ll cover a few of the most important ingredients in Vital 4U® Vitamin and a few surprising nutrients in Vital 4U® Vitamin – Premium Multi Vitamin that we love that you can’t find in most other vitamins.


Bee Pollen
You might think the only thing you should be taking from bees is their honey but did you know Bee Pollen is also an extremely nutritious superfood? Bee Pollen is made by honeybees and contains nearly all nutrients required by humans and is rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins. Bee Pollen is great for protecting the health of your skin, boosting your immune system and even treating allergies! Perfect for seasonal allergy sufferers.


Found primarily in soybeans and egg yolks, Lecithin has benefits that range from your head to your heart. Lecithin can help improve circulation, lower bad cholesterol levels and even help prevent cholesterol and other fats from sticking which can push those fats to the liver where they are metabolized and used for energy. Additionally, Lecithin can also help improve your memory and recall!


Vitamin A
You may be familiar with the always popular Vitamin B and C but too few people really know much about Vitamin A. Found in plants and fruits, Vitamin A helps support everything from healthy skin to your immune system and even eye health. Your immune system functions rely on sufficient Vitamin A to regulate your immune responses so your body can fight off sickness. Another neat benefit of Vitamin A is that it is also necessary for wound healing and skin regrowth and can even help fight acne!

Vital 4U® Vitamin – Premium Multi packs contains 14 total pills with different tablets/softgels providing you with all the nutrients listed above plus loads more. Each packet contains a power complex for a stronger body, B-12 for energy, an herbal complex for mood support and loads more covering every area of your body.


Want To Make It Easier?
Does taking a packet of vitamins each day seem like a bit much for someone like you? Vital 4U® Vitamin Essentials is a condensed version of the Vital 4U® Vitamin -Premium Multi, featuring many of the same key nutrients including Lecithin, a B and C Complex, Power Complex, Vitamin A, an Herbal Complex and even a Mineral boost.


Get your own Vital 4U® Vitamin – Premium Multi here or try just the essentials with Vital 4U® Vitamin Essentials here.


Multi vitamins are great for giving your body all the nutrients it needs that you might not be getting through your diet. We like to take ours in the morning to give our day a healthy jumpstart. When do you take your favorite multi? 


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