Follow Friday: 5 Nutrition Experts You Should Be Following

December 11, 2015 Bulu Box Staff

Struggling to get excited about eating healthy? Worry no more - these five nutrition experts are sure to spark that healthy food inspiration of yours!



@kale.ahh: Kayla Peacock is a registered nutritionist who offers Kale Ahhh's Healthy Kitchen lunch delivery service for people dedicated to healthy and balanced living.



@jshealthJessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist and the author of The Healthy Life book. Follow her for healthy recipes, healthy travel advice, nutrition guidance, lifestyle tips and more!



A photo posted by Kasia Hrecka, PhD (@nourishup) on


@nourishupKasia Hrecka knows that you need your body in tip-top shape so you can pursue all of your passions and dreams. Kasia started Nourish Up for her followers who seek out feeling fantastic on a daily basis!



A photo posted by Brittany (@eatingbirdfood) on


@eatingbirdfoodBrittany is a health coach, personal trainer and blogger. Follow her to see what tasty treats she is cooking up now!



@joyoushealth: Joy McCarthy is the author of Joyous Health, a mother, and a holistic nutritionist. Check out her living well, no diets included lifestyle!

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