Simple Hacks For Becoming A Morning Person

December 2, 2015 Bulu Box Staff

Waking up is hard, especially if you're not a morning person. These simple hacks can help get you out of bed and one step closer to enjoying your mornings.

Simple Hacks

Get Enough Sleep
Don't sleep deprive yourself to wake up early. Make sure you're getting enough sleep for your body (7 - 9 hours recommended for adults) to recover and rest.

Get Your Feet On The Floor
This might sound almost too simple, but putting two feet on the floor (or even one out of the covers) instantly increases your likelihood of getting out of bed. Make it a point to completely sit up before turning off your alarm (or going for the snooze). You'll find yourself more willing to take that first step out of bed if you're already sitting up.

Keep It Consistent
This is the most important tip for becoming a morning person - consistency. Waking up early, especially if you're not used to waking up early, must become a habit before you truly adopt it into your lifestyle. Going to bed and waking up at the same time for 10 - 15 days straight creates a habit and is enough time for your sleep rhythm to get the hang of waking up early.

Use An App
There are loads of sleep apps that can help you wake up. Alarm clock apps like FreakyAlarm make you solve a logic game before shutting off. Tracking apps like Sleep Cycle actually track your sleep patterns to wake you when you're closest to being awake.

Set A Pump Up Song As Your Alarm
Don't pick a monotoned noise that you just want to silence as fast as possible (by hitting snooze usually). Go for a song that pumps you up and excites you for the day!

Drastic Measures

Set Your Heater/AC To Change Automatically 
Does nothing else work for you? If drastic measures must be taken, try setting your heater or air conditioner to automatically increase or decrease in temperature an hour before you wake up. The uncomfortable temperature change will wake you right up.

Purchase A Dog, Set Your Alarm To A Cat's Meow
If your alarm won't wake you up, your new pooch trying hunt down an imaginary cat in your bedroom will.

Our Bulu Box CEO's Favorite Method: The Caffeine Nap
Our CEO shared with us his favorite method for waking up at 5:00 AM every morning (disclosure: this isn't for everyone!). This method requires an alarm and your favorite pre-workout.  Set your alarm for 1 hour before you have to get up, when the alarm goes off, drink a pre-workout that you've left on your bedside table the night before. Then, go back to sleep. In about an hour, you'll pop up out of bed ready for the day!

What are your favorite methods for waking up early?

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