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November 10, 2015 Guest Blog



When road tripping, a traveler should always be equipped with a good playlist. Traveling with a great playlist can make a once in a lifetime experience even more memorable. So invite your friends, plan a trip, and follow the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist.

We intertwined a cool blend of the classics, head-bobbing remixes, and today’s hits to make the ride extra enjoyable:

Need a little road trip inspiration? We have some awesome ideas.

Road Trip Routes Worth Taking
The opportunity to experience the tundra, mountains, and the ocean all exist in this corner of the country. Each trip on this list is an opportunity for hidden gems disguised as long roads, mouth-watering local food, craft beer, resident culture, and winding turns.

Argentina Getaway on Ruta 40
Searching for an epic road trip outside of North America? The Argentina Ruta 40 won’t disappoint. The Ruta 40 goes through 11 provinces, over 50 national parks, natural reserves, and the scenic landscapes of Argentina’s Patagonia. Similar to the United State’s Route 66, this is one of those roads that only legends are made of.

The Best California Road Trip
California dreamin’ and sightseeing – what gets better than that? Head west and take your time running down the 800 miles of the state. We planned the perfect itinerary full of beaches, breathtaking ocean views, and so much more.

The Perfect Route 66 Road Trip
The famous Route 66 is no secret to American history. The “Mother Road” is a bucket-list-worthy trip everyone should take at least once in their life. Check out this planned itinerary and don’t forget to include the underrated pit stops like the classic roadside oddities and nature scenes that will take your breath away.

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