Follow Friday: 5 Outdoor Enthusiasts Instagrams You Should Be Following

July 17, 2015 Bulu Box

Can’t get enough of that fresh summer air and boost of Vitamin D? Well, in honor of our outdoor summer workouts this week’s lnstagram accounts you should be following are for the outdoor enthusiast!




A photo posted by Lakey Peterson (@lakeypeterson) on


@lakeypeterson: Lakey Peterson is a 20-year-old professional surfer currently on the WSL World Tour. Follow her as she shares her positivity and beautiful surfing pictures!



A photo posted by KC Deane (@kcdeane) on


@kcdeane: KC Deane is a professional athlete who has a love for skiing, biking, surfing and travel. Follow KC as he travels the world taking on one adventure at a time.



A photo posted by Kat Carney (@katcarney) on


@KatCarney: Kat Carney is an adventure, lifestyle and portrait photographer. She is also a photo ambassador for Outdoor Women's Alliance. Follow Kat as she captures her travels, people, and adventures.



@unrealhawaii: David Chatsuthiphan is the owner of Unreal Hawaii. Unreal Hawaii is a lifestyle magazine for people who love adventure and the Hawaiian Island. Follow David on Instagram to see his stunning images.



A photo posted by Andy Mann (@andy_mann) on


@andy_mann: Andy Mann is a director, photographer, National Geographic contributor, musician and explorer. Follow him on for a collection of images from hiking in the mountains to swimming with sharks.

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